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BTC tweets sentiment dataset by mercal
Algorand The Blockchain for FutureFi Algorand.
Beyond the elementary requirement of an open, public network, Algorands technology enables a set of high performing Layer-1 blockchains that provide security, scalability, complete transaction finality, built in privacy, Co-Chains, and advanced smart contracts that are essential in a FutureFi world.
Price of dogecoin rises by 50% following Elon Musk tweet Stock markets The Guardian.
In the same interview Musk said previous comments about dogecoin were really just meant to be jokes. Bitcoins price rose above 38000, last week after Musk changed his Twitter biography to bitcoin. On Thursday morning bitcoin hit a high of 38741.58.
2020 Twitter bitcoin scam Wikipedia.
7 Within minutes from the initial tweets, more than 320 transactions had already taken place on one of the wallet addresses, and bitcoin to a value of more than US110000, had been deposited in one account before the scam messages were removed by Twitter.
Bitcoin Price Slips on Elon Musks Breakup Meme Tweet WSJ.
Musk published an I miss you meme. The two posts elicited thousands of comments, including images of a shuddering man, as well as requests to leave us alone and stop manipulating. They also prompted some Twitter users to block Mr.
Chart: How bitcoin prices move with Elon Musks tweets Vox. clock. menu. more-arrow. no. yes. Play. Vox Media.
Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are not subject to US securities law and receive less oversight than stocks. On May 11, the Securities and Exchange Commission warned about the lack of regulation and potential for fraud or manipulation surrounding bitcoin. In 2018, the SEC dinged Musk and Tesla 20 million each after his tweet that he had funding secured to take Tesla private at a much higher share price sent the stock soaring.
LSTM Model predicting Bitcoin with Tweet Volume Sentiment by Paul Simpson Medium.
An overlooked metric that I have included is Tweet Volume which plays a major role or is a negative indicator, in which I will explain a little further through this post. Python packages: Keras, sklearn, LSTM, Pandas, Seaborne, Matplotlib, re. IDE or Notebook. Data: Twitter Data Stream for x period, BTC price.
No Such Thing as a Free Bitcoin: The Elon Musk Bitcoin Scam The Defence Works.
The page had further links, that when clicked, took you to a page to claim your free cryptocurrency. I clicked on this free bitcoin page. The new page opened letting me know how I could receive my free bitcoins. To do so, I just had to place between 0.1 and 10 bitcoins into the wallet address as shown. I would then receive double bitcoins back. Now call me a cynic, but I dont believe in Santa Claus, especially one bearing untraceable crypto gifts. Even with the comments on the blog page showing that this is real, and no one was scammed, Im afraid I remain unconvinced.
Twitter Shares Fall After Hackers Pull Off Bitcoin Scam. LinkedIn with Background.
On Wednesday, hackers pocketed bitcoins worth over 100000, in a few hours in a cryptocurrency scam on Twitter. They hijacked high-profile Twitter accounts, including those of President Barack Obama, Apple, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Kim Kardashian, and Bill Gates, asking for bitcoins to be sent to a single digital wallet in exchange for more bitcoins.
Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey focused on bitcoin BTC.
Amal KS Hindustan Times Getty Images. Billionaire Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and Square, is extremely bullish on the future of bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market value. Bitcoin" changes absolutely everything, Dorsey said Friday at the Bitcoin 2021 Conference.

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