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BetMatch: Transparent Betting on Blockchain

The project’s top priority is fraud protection and bookmaker’s activity transparency (users can always verify the platform’s account balance). You can bet...

/ November 25, 2019 / 0 Comments
Bitcoin vs Gold

Smart Investing: Gold or Bitcoin?

For centuries, individuals and nations alike universally recognized gold as a stable and consistent store of value that could be exchanged between...

/ November 1, 2019 / 0 Comments
Carbon Offset Initiative

Can Blockchain Solutions Preserve The Ocean From Pollution?

It is a well-known fact that natural resources are becoming a scarcity. Carbon emissions and pollution have a huge and irreversible impact...

/ October 17, 2019 / 0 Comments

Bored With Bakkt? Profit On The Hottest Bitcoin Trading Platform Right Now

Ever since it was first announced back in August 2018, Bakkt has been the talk of the cryptocurrency community. Crypto traders and...

/ October 3, 2019 / 0 Comments

Remittance Made Easier with Panerora Blockchain Network ICO has taken notice of the many advantages of blockchain technology and decided to incorporate them in a payment system that will...

/ September 11, 2019 / 0 Comments

EagleFX: A New Broker for Trading Forex & Crypto CFDs

The online forex and CFD space has grown significantly over the past few years, with hundreds of third-party platforms now allowing you...

/ September 10, 2019 / 0 Comments

Quras at the Forefront of Blockchain in Japan

It’s no secret that Asia has been a major driving force behind the blockchain revolution for quite some time now. With the...

/ September 6, 2019 / 0 Comments

Founding Father of Blockchain Praises Electroneum: Compares it’s Security With That of Bitcoin’s

Scott Stornetta compares Bitcoin and Electroneum The world-renowned scientist highlights the work of the UK-based 0. Dr. Scott Stornetta is the blockchain...

/ September 4, 2019 / 0 Comments

2.0 in Blockchain Security: How the Technology is Made More Secure than Ever

Blockchain had taken the world by storm in 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the Bitcoin. Since then, global computing and transactions have...

/ August 15, 2019 / 1 Comment
Crypto Pro

Crypto Pro: The All-In-One Cryptocurrency Portfolio & News Tracker

It is no secret that the cryptocurrency trading arena can move at an alarming pace. Whether we’re inching towards the next bull...

/ August 13, 2019 / 0 Comments