Ripple & Coinbase Take Aim at Latin America With Bitso Investment

In the past few days, San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has seen its prospects for global expansion improve considerably. On October 14th,...

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Ether Up: New Record Set for Total Value (in ETH) Locked in DeFi

Signals of growth continue to light the way forward for the Ethereum ecosystem, with the latest being a newly established record for...

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Meet Athereum: Avalanche Consensus for the Benefit of Ethereum

Ethereum is currently the leading smart contracts platform, and Avalanche is a powerful consensus mechanism among the new Snow-Avalanche family of protocols...

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Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Doesn’t Want Retail Investors Making Mistakes With Bitcoin

Last year, financial services behemoth Fidelity Investments made a massive splash in the Bitcoin scene when it revealed that it had launched...

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Bitcoin Red

Bitmain Co-Founder Wary of Bullish Bitcoin Halving Narrative

Bitcoin has been revolutionary in many ways. For instance, It is the first decentralized money (that has worked). But arguably most importantly,...

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Chinese Central Bank Ramps Up Digital Currency Hires

The central bank of Asia's biggest superpower is looking to hire a half dozen experts, including veterans of cryptography and blockchain development,...

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Vitalik Buterin Shows How Coming Evolution of Ethereum Might Look

Many stakeholders in the cryptocurrency ecosystem know that Ethereum is starting its major multi-phase Serenity upgrade next year, and some of those...

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Russia Doesn’t See Benefits In National Crypto Assets

If you've perused Crypto Twitter at all over the past few weeks, you likely have noticed incessant discussion surrounding central bank-backed digital...

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Crypto ETF

Bitwise Optimistic After Bitcoin ETF Denial, Will File Application When “Appropriate”

Earlier this week, everyone had their hopes up about Bitwise Asset Management's Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) application. As reported by DemandSolutionNews, Matt...

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Bitmain Announces New Antminer ASICs: Should You Get One?

According to an official statement, Bitmain has just announced the impending release of the latest generation of Antminer ASIC mining devices. The...

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Press Releases


The Evolving Role of Exchanges & Liquidity Specialists

The role of a digital asset trading platform has advanced well beyond a forum to arrange trades between buyers and sellers. This...

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Huobi Beats Binance to Turkey and Establishes TRY-USDT Fiat Gateway

While Binance has been focusing its efforts on the west, setting up its US exchange, Huobi has been making in-roads in the...

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Introduction of Algoz Strategy to Users of UltrAlpha Platform

Algoz, the cryptocurrency arm of the algorithm-based trading company, Fingenom Group, will offer its Long/Short Alpha Links trading strategy to the users...

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Biki Ramps Up on Globalization at Devcon Osaka and Blockchain Life Moscow

Of late, the various international markets have been increasingly warming up to the young digital trading assets platform, With globalization initiatives...

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The Smart Contract Security Alliance Announces Founding Council

The Smart Contract Security Alliance Announces Founding Council

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Oct. 16, 2019 -- The Smart Contract Security Alliance is proud to announce its founding council and recognize...

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RiseX is a secure platform for P2P cryptocurrency exchange

All the enthusiasts of cryptocurrency are looking forward to the beginning of the rise in the price of altcoins. The market share...

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